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Thank bạn DatHuGo.
Bài viết của bạn rất chi tiết và bổ ích. Công việc của mình cũng liên quan đến IT, bài viết của bạn làm mình có ý tưởng sẽ tìm 1 công việc online để kiếm thêm thu nhập.
Không biết mình có đủ skill để nhận 1 job ko nữa. Nhưng mình sẽ cố thử. Khi nào thành công 1 project, mình sẽ báo để D chia vui vs mình nha!!

Thao Do, VietNam

Dathugo was extremely professional, responsive and accommodating on this project and had no problem making the many updates requested. It would have been good if he had taken the lead to produce the best possible output, rather than relying on the many iterations of feedback.

Client from Elance

A phenomenal worker. Quick, efficient, responsive and gives great value for the money. I have ZERO complaints and will continue to work with Dat for a long time!

Client from Elance

Working with this elancer has been a true pleasure. Dathugo is skilled, reliable and very efficient. My project required very detailed illustrations based on very little direction and even after asking for some changes Dathugo cheerfully provided me with the new and additional illustrations. I highly recommend Dathugo, if you are looking for a talented, flexible and reliable illustrator.

Client from Elance

Fast and excellent service was provided from a friendly provider:) I will definitely use him for my design needs in the future

Esther, Hungary

Excellent provider of quality text to speech and fast communication. I highly recommend dathugo.

HIF277767, Thailand
United States

I was very pleased with the professional results of this project. While there were slight communication issues we worked through them and designer made every effort to be sure I was satisfied. I will definitely work with him again. Thank you dathugo!

Denise, United States
United Kingdom

Was a real pleasure working with dathugo. Delivered exactly as I required, was very responsive to communications and requests, very friendly with some nice creative skills. I will definitely seek to work with dathugo again on any future design needs

Suzy, United Kingdom
United States

Dat is amazing! His tenacity and work ethic are highly commendable. Our project’s goal was to produce eye catching labels and Dat did exactly that and in a timely manner. We have several other projects in the near future and without a doubt, they will all be assigned to Dat

Michael, United States
United Kingdom

wow!!! this guy is crazy talented and fast!!!!! cannot recommend enough!!

loftystone, United Kingdom